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Social media consulting & custom branding

If you want to DIY your social presence but don't know where to start, we can help! We will give you customized strategies and tools to utilize in running your own social media account(s). You will also receive a customized booklet with information on content writing and development, strategies, and more as a resource to refer back to. 

The Process:

  • Initial Consultation (30 Minutes) - We will discuss your brand and design goals for your social media presence. ​

    • You will grant us temporary access to your social media pages, so that we can implement the changes indicated below. ​

  • Brand Packet - We will create a "branding packet" with colors, fonts, standard social post templates, social post templates for stories, and any additional template requests that you may have for branding. 

  • Highlight Covers - We will design highlight covers for your Instagram Page to help provide a consistent and aesthetic look. 

  • Bios - We will assist in writing a professional and attention-grabbing bio for your business page, designed to optimize the consumer ability to find your account. 

  • Links - We will ensure that all of your business links are included and accessible from your social platforms. 

  • Strategy Consultation - We will review our custom, researched strategy for your posts, how to utilize your social platforms to the fullest, and how to maintain your brand aesthetic moving forward.

Investment Breakdown:

Social Media Consulting & Branding Package

Starting at $350*

*Price increases if additional materials/consultations/etc. are needed

Supplemental Add-On(s) 

Additional Consultation(s) - $ 150

Marketing Material Consulting/Design - $200

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