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Web Presence Services

{website design, set up, & utilization training}

With this service, we will do a full design and setup of your website. We will also offer a training session on how to implement and utilize features, such as booking and scheduling, selling, and communications tools. Our goal is to create a website that you can use as a tool to make your business more efficient and more effective.

We use the Wix website building tool, as we believe that it has the best value as a website builder while offering the best variety of CRM and general business management tools/applications to build into the website. We believe in utilizing one system/tool as much as possible to help lower costs and the complications of using too many systems.

The Process

  • Consultation (1 Hour) - During this, we will discuss both functional and design needs for your business. 

  • Design and set up of website

    • Full design of website​

    • Develop and implement any tools or add-ons needed:

      • Booking/scheduling services​

      • Sales/storefront

      • Quoting/invoicing/payment system

      • Marketing tools

      • Event management

      • (& Many more custom options)

    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing and development

    • Domain set up - If you don't have a website, we will secure and set up the domain. If you already have a website, we will work with you on migrating your domain to the website host that we use (you will be responsible for ensuring continued renewal of the domain and website host services).

  • Approval Process - During this time, we will send you a link to view the website and send us a list of any changes, questions, or requests. We will make any of the changes/adjustments that are feasible and fit within the constraints of our original agreement. After these changes are completed, the website will be finalized. 

  • Secondary Consultation (1 Hour) - This secondary consultation will be the opportunity to ask any questions and receive brief training on how to utilize your website and website tools to the fullest. 

    • If you would like additional time or have follow up questions down the road, ask us about booking an additional training session. ​

Investment Breakdown:

Initial Investment

{Ongoing} Website Hosting Investment

{Ongoing} Domain Investment

This is your initial investment for the creation and design of your website.

  • Cost increases based on additional design needs, added tools/system, and/or additional training sessions. 

  • Custom quote will be created based on service needs/requests

  • (Pricing is determined at our discretion)

Website hosting service (this cost depends on your needs as a business and what tools/plugins/capabilities that you would like to integrate into your website).

This is the domain cost if you choose to use Wix as your domain host (this is our recommended host).

starting at $ 1,000

$ 22-60* per month

*subject to change

$ 16-50* per year

*subject to change

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Schedule a call, so we can discuss your web presence needs and make sure we are the right fit for you. 

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